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RCOT to hold webinar on new preceptorship principles

Updated: Apr 11

Following the release of the Principles for Preceptorship by the HCPC, and the release of AHP Preceptorship Standards Framework from NHS England (NHSE), in November, RCOT have scheduled a webinar with both the HCPC and NHSE on 18 January 2024.

Principles of Preceptorship

The webinar is designed to help explain the new framework and support newly qualified OTs, OTs returning to practice, OTs in a new role, practitioners, employers and service managers, how they can use the new resources.

The webinar will take place at 12pm on 18 January 2024, you can register to attend by clicking the button below:

What is preceptorship? Glad you asked.

RCOT describes the following terms that are used in the new framework:

  • Preceptorship – a period of structured support provided to HCPC registrants at key moments of career transition. This includes joining the workforce for the first time, returning to work after a long period away (including being re-admitted to the register), working in the UK for the first time, taking up a new role, or moving to a new organisation, to give them confidence to act as an autonomous practitioner.

  • Preceptee – an individual accessing a period of Preceptorship.

  • Preceptor – an individual providing one to-one support to someone undertaking Preceptorship.

The new principles and standards are designed to help any allied health professional to transition into a new role with support and professionalism. These principles will ensure that AHPs will be given the structure and support required to allow them to achieve their full potential in their given role, and thrive in an environment that champions and encourages transitioning AHPs.

You can read more about the new Principle of Preceptorship at


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