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We want to hear from you about your role as an occupational therapist. OT Today is designed to connect OTs, to share practice, knowledge and experiences in the OT profession, and to produce a magazine that celebrates the successes, creativity and impact that occupational therapy has on people.


Whether you are an OT working in community rehab, mental health, or paediatrics, we want to hear from you. Perhaps you work with people living with dementia, people experiencing homelessness, or people living with learning disabilities, we want to hear from you. If you are working in an emerging role of OT, or you have introduced a project or group activity that has had an impact on the people you work with, we want to hear all about it! We want to hear from OTs across all bands, student OTs, OTAs, OTs from every area of the profession, and OTs from across the globe!


By sharing your work, you are not only raising awareness of the work of yourself and your colleagues, but it will hopefully go a long way to increasing awareness of the profession of occupational therapy to a wider audience too.


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Share Your Work

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