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Occupational Therapy Excellence Awards

Updated: Apr 11

We are delighted to announce that we are the official media partners for the Occupational Therapy Excellence Awards!

The Occupational Therapy Excellence Awards have been launched to recognise individuals, teams and suppliers across the whole OT sector, and they are open for entries now. They are UK-based, impartial and independent and look to reward relevant, appropriate, innovative, excellent and effective initiatives, treatments and techniques, and products and services, across a variety of settings.

The Awards are open to in-house teams and services, to external professional practitioners and to suppliers to the sector. There are 36 categories to enter and there is a fee to enter – but only for the first entry – at four levels: OT individual, smaller OT practice, larger OT practice or OT supplier company. Thereafter any second or subsequent entries are free of charge. Charities can also enter completely free of charge.

Enter the Occupational Therapy Excellence Awards

The category list has been developed and co-ordinated with the help of OT professionals and the categories cover a wide scope of practice across the profession. They are open to any company or provider of OT services, as well as open to suppliers to OT practices, OT professionals or their clients.

Take a look below to decide what categories you would like to enter:

Professional Practice categories

  • Excellence in paediatrics

  • Excellence in adult practice

  • Excellence with older adults

  • Excellence in major adaptations

  • Excellence in rehab and reablement

  • Excellence with mental health

  • Excellence with neuro

  • Excellence with learning disabilities

  • Excellence with long term conditions

  • Excellence in generic roles

  • Best COVID or other infection intervention

  • Excellence in vocational rehab service

  • Excellence in community services

  • Best partnership

  • Excellence in integrated service

  • Best rapid response

  • Excellence in emerging roles

  • Excellence in charity sector

  • Expert witness

  • Best start-up (March 1 2022 – February 29 2024)

Supplier categories

  • Best equipment provider

  • Excellence in equipment innovation

  • Excellence in telecare

  • Excellence in software and software development

  • Excellence in technology

  • Best manual handling trainer

  • Best specialist trainer

  • Most effective social media influencer

Effectiveness categories

  • Effectiveness in online resources

  • Effectiveness in research

  • Best OT university course

  • Effectiveness in recruitment, training or motivation

  • Best employer

  • Bright new star

  • Most innovative practice

  • Most effective independent practice

Occupational Therapy Excellence Grand Prix

A gold award presented to the most outstanding OT practice in this year’s Awards. The final winner will be chosen by the judges from among the category winners.

How to enter

Entries for the awards opened on 1 November 2023 and they close on 29 February 2024. This gives you four months to choose the awards you want to enter and prepare your submission. The fees for the awards are as follows:

· The first entry made by an individual OT professional will always be £50.00.

· The first entry made by a practice of no more than 5 OT professionals will be £100.00

· The first entry by a practice of 6 or more OT professionals will be £150.00

· The fee for a first entry from a supplier company to the OT sector will be £250.00

Visit to enter online.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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