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Inclusive Christmas Menu from Wiltshire Farm Foods

Updated: Apr 11

To celebrate the festive season, Wiltshire Farm Foods has announced its brand-new Christmas menu to customers. This includes a selection of seasonal new texture-modified meals in its award-winning Softer Foods range for those recommended a Level 4, Level 5, or Level 6 diet.

For the first time ever, the ready meal provider has committed to providing an inclusive meal offering of a limited-edition Christmas dinner in all three texture levels. These include a Puréed Turkey with Stuffing, Minced Roast Turkey in Redcurrant & Orange Gravy, and a Soft & Bite-Sized Roast Turkey in Redcurrant & Orange Gravy.

Image shows the Christmas menu dishes available from Wiltshire. There are six different plates with different Christmas meals on them

Wiltshire Farm Foods’ festive offering also includes a Puréed Spiced Pudding & Vanilla Sauce, Minced Sticky Toffee Pudding and Soft & Bite-Sized Sticky Toffee Pudding – providing even more choice for customers to enjoy during the festive months.

Developed by its team of registered dietitians and expert chefs, the meals are not only full of flavour but nutritionally balanced and prepared in alignment with the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework to ensure a safe texture.

Registered Dietitian and Category Development Executive for Wiltshire Farm Foods, Maia Fergus-O’Grady feels passionate about the importance of catering to all needs:

“We know how difficult this season can be for those living with swallowing difficulties – with social gatherings typically revolving around a variety of foods and drinks.”

“We wanted our Softer Foods Christmas range to allow everyone, regardless of their swallowing ability, the enjoyment of a tasty and visually appealing meal full of festive flavours, with the reassurance that it is a safe texture to suit their needs.

“We are proud to be offering brand-new Roast Turkey dinners in our Level 5 and Level 6 ranges, as well as bringing back our much-loved festive offering in our Level 4 range.”

To view the full Softer Foods Christmas menu, visit


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