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Embarking on a New Era of Specialist Seating: The Launch of CareFlex MultiAdjust® Advance

In an ever-evolving world where uniqueness is and should be celebrated, CareFlex is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup – the MultiAdjust Advance - crafted with precision and the collective insights from Health Care Professionals, family members, carers, and, most importantly, the individuals who rely on our specialist seating solutions daily. The MultiAdjust Advance is more than a product; it promises enhanced individuality and unparalleled support for those with moderate to complex postural care needs.

CareFlex MultiAdjust Advance

A Symphony of Innovation and Personalisation

The MultiAdjust Advance embodies our relentless pursuit of innovation, shaped by real-world experiences and feedback. It heralds a new chapter in specialist seating, where the focus shifts from mere functionality to embracing the diverse needs of users. Its design is a testament to our commitment to offering more choices and recognising the differences that make each individual unique. The MultiAdjust provides a choice of head section, back support, arm style and colour.

Featuring a range of adjustments – from Tilt-in-Space (TiS) and Back Angle Recline (BAR) to the pioneering WaterCell Technology – the MultiAdjust Advance ensures every user finds their perfect fit and comfort. The chair boasts various features, such as the articulating headrest, which are tailored to address specific challenges such as increased thoracic kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis, and altered head positions.

Empowering Independence, Ensuring Safety

Understanding the paramount importance of independence and safety, the MultiAdjust Advance introduces removable armrest options, enhancing the ease of transfers and promoting a sense of autonomy for the user. With quick adjustments available in manual, Pro-Control, and fully motorised options, the chair adapts seamlessly to its users' and caregivers' needs and preferences, all without the necessity for tools.

Choice and Quality at the Forefront

Our dedication to providing solutions that cater to every need extends to the optional extras and customisable choices offered with the MultiAdjust Advance. From the Tilt-in-Space (TiS) Inclinometer to various lateral supports and positioning aids, each element is designed to enrich the seating experience, underscored by our Lifetime Frame Warranty, which guarantees the enduring quality and reliability that CareFlex is renowned for.

Join Us on This Journey

"We are not just launching a product; we are redefining what it means to offer truly personalised and innovative seating solutions," states Craig Downton, Sales & Marketing Director at CareFlex. "The MultiAdjust Advance is our pledge to meet the evolving needs of individuals with moderate to complex postural care requirements, ensuring comfort, functionality, and a touch of personal flair for each user."

Discover the transformative impact of the MultiAdjust Advance and how it can elevate the comfort and care of those you support. For a closer look at our newest innovation and the comprehensive range of CareFlex specialist seating solutions, visit or contact us for a personalised demonstration.

About CareFlex Specialist Seating:

CareFlex is at the forefront of specialist seating solutions and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with complex postural care needs. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and personalisation, CareFlex continues to set new standards in the industry, empowering users to embrace life with comfort and dignity.


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